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"We have found the skills and techniques that the models retain from the Runway Rox Model Exposure Symposium are attributes that most industry talents have yet to acquire."  You simply can not teach innate grace, prowess, or tempered masculinity...unless you've had a chance encounter with Runway Rox." Her ability to analyze, edit and cause a metamorphosis to a models presence and character is a modus operandi, few have the nurturing acumen to instruct."  


-Gosden, Creative Director, G2LAB

Personality, poise, and a confident walk are essential in the modeling industry. As an agent, we do our best to train/develop our talent on top of booking and promoting them to clients. Some of the new faces need more help with movement and their skills on the runway—this is where Rozeta comes in!

Rozeta’s workshops prepare the models for the actual fashion shows and event they book. We try to bring her to our Chicago office annually to work with our guys and girls!

-Bridget Halanski, Runway Director, Factor|Chosen Model Management

In this Industry, It is very hard to find quality people that stand behind quality products or services. Rozeta Rox is the most caring, professional business woman I have met since I started my business. She has trained the models in my Grand Opening Show, Glitz and Glam and helped create record-breaking success for my company. Poised, Polished, Professional, Perfect!!! I love your work!!! 


Jewel Estes, CEO

Glam House 

Runway Rox featured article:

- Haute Is Magazine Publication

Finally, Rozeta Rox is able to accommodate and share her success as a fabulous top model and lifestyle coach with aspiring students wishing to be taught by one of the fashion industry's masters who has a giving heart and genuine love for those pursuing their style passion with excellence...after Runway Rox, the catwalk will never be the same?Naomi who?"


LaVonne Trent, CEO

The Trent Group

Event Producer

My dearest Ro, It is only PERFECT that you would arrive at the decision to share with the world your AMAZING talents. As a designer my Collections are only as fabulous as the model showing them! Your amazing display of professional grace on the Runway is second to none! When you hit the Runway wearing the Cedi... Collection, (as a designer) "My Soul does a Dance" and the dress you're wearing gets purchased right off the runway!! I support and endorse any and everything you and your team at RunwayRox will ever have the desire to take on! "Greatness shines through your Craft" -Your Cedi...


Mr. Cedi...

Designer, Writer and Style Expert!


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